Living World Class 11 Neet MCQ Quiz Test

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#1. Q1 Which of the following is an exclusive feature of plants and does not take place in animals?

#2. Q1 Which of the following is an exclusive feature of plants and does not take place in animals?

#3. Q2 A human adult at rest, on an average, breathes about .......... times per day.

#4. Q3 Which of the following is an incorrect statement?

#5. Q4 Living organisms have .......... essential processes.

#6. Q5 When air is blown from mouth into a test-tube containing lime water, the lime water turns milky due to the presence of

#7. Q6 If you exhale multiple times into a conical flask containing lime water through a single inlet fixed through a stop cork, lime water will

#8. Q7 A true species consists of a population which is?

#9. Q8 In which of the following state in India established the country's first carbon dioxide measurement exchange tower?

#10. Q9 Essential nutrients are

#11. Q10 The science that deals with the study of life processes is known as

#12. Q11 In which one of the following conditions, cannot be a pollutant?

#13. Q12 Which of the following are characteristics of living beings? (i) Respiration (ii) Reproduction (iii) Adaptation (iv) Excretion

#14. Q13 The expelled air has higher percentage of which of the following gases?

#15. Q14 Example of life processes is

#16. Q15 Most vital process for existence of life on earth is

#17. Q16 Lungs expel _________________.

#18. Q17 We breath out air which is rich in

#19. Q18 Which of the following is the correct representation of organisation levels in living beings?

#20. Q19 Nutrients that supply energy from the following list are

#21. Q20 Find the correct order of life process in plants.

#22. Q21 Nutrition is the process of

#23. Q22 Which of the following step is common in all the organism?

#24. Q23 Blood pressure is measured with an instrument called as

#25. Q24 In plants, food is transported through the

#26. Q25 The end-product of respiration is

#27. Q26 Genus is a group of similar and related ___________.

#28. Q27 Mohan prepared lime water and next month used it for the experiment showing is evolved in the process of respiration. i. A white precipitate is formed. ii. The white precipitate is not formed. iii. Lime water must be fresh. iv. Lime water can be used anytime.

#29. Q28 Which of the following are involved in protection and regulation of metabolism in living organism?

#30. Q29 Which of the following part of the digestive system produces chyme?

#31. Q30 Which of the following function is not related to kidney?

#32. Q31 Human RBC has

#33. Q32 The process which helps in perpetuation of race is______________

#34. Q33 What processes would be considered essential for maintaining life?

#35. Q34 Temporary cessation of breathing after forced deep breathing for a few minutes, by a person sitting at rest is due to

#36. Q35 Higher concentration of CO causes

#37. Q36 Glucose, synthesized in leaves are transported in the form of

#38. Q37 In a man, the percentage of CO transported as bicarbonates is

#39. Q38 If the CO concentration in the blood increases, the rate of breathing will

#40. Q39 The practical purpose of classification of living organisms is to?


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